Welcome! CromoPar stores chromosome counts for the Paraguayan flora. This Database is a comprehensive catalog of plant cytogenetic data, mainly diploid (2n) and haploid (n) chromosome number and, also, nuclear DNA content. At this moment are currently available for 1.490 Paraguayan species (12 Pteridophyta, 10 Pinophyta and 1468 Magnoliophyta), all based on 1784 assembled references.

How to cite this database? If you use the information contained in this website, please cite as follows:

Simon, J., Franco, D., Daviña, J. & Honfi, A. (eds.), 2022 onwards. CromoPar - Chromosome numbers for the Paraguayan flora v. 2.0. http://cromopar.net. [accessed xx June 2022 *]

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